James Katsipis is a Montauk-born artist, known for his exceptional ocean photography and stunning visual art. Over two decades ago, Katsipis began traveling around the world shooting and exploring distant shores as an adventure and surf photographer. Growing up in and around the ocean is the natural theme and influence throughout his portfolio. Today, as a fine art photographer and in-demand commissionable artist, James Katsipis work is featured in fine art galleries, campaigns, books and magazines worldwide.

I am James
Hi there!
During your session I will assist and direct you through posing and expression to get you comfortable in front of the camera so we can incorporate both posed and natural moments during your shoot. From a fashion forward shoot to a more reserved traditional style, I am here for you.
I love trying creative things in a fast paced environment. I adapt to any given situation and try to bring the beauty out that is already there. Let's have fun, make memories and timeless art together!